Welcome to Rangrez RetreatsMeditation Center

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Welcome to Rangrez RetreatsMeditation Center

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Welcome to Rangrez RetreatsMeditation Center

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About Rangrez Retreats

Rangrez Retreats is a Persian word which means dyer. In Sufi tradition, the follower is asked to be a God - loving person instead of God-fearing one. Rangrez describes to Rangreza means the one who fills with Color Rangrez is an invitation to merge within the colors of your soul and to express the colors of your heart which is never allowed to come outside. Rangrez provides freedom to love colors and break the patterns of mind to live beyond mind.When any color mix with another color it makes a new shade and all Rangrez soul are living on the level of heart by having oneness and acceptance of each other. Rangrez is the colorful expression of life and its possibilities. We as human beings have immense possibility to live in joy and divinity and enjoy the bliss of it.

Here in Rangrez with all Rangrezza’s you can feel this possibility within and carry within yourself a spark of it. This will be clearly visible to your near and dear ones as you start exploring your own possibilities with us.

Founder / Director Message

Dr. Madhwi Renu Panchal

We all are born to develope something unawaken dimention and potential of ourselves.Universe provide us same opportunity with different conditions and circumstances. Every when secrets are waiting for us to appear in visual world.There are some mediums that's can help us to communicate with Existance but it is not a condition. Nature is so kind hearted and beyond our last imagination.We are not here to repeat the words at different education meaning making machine.

Energy is sleeping, if we can awake that sleeping , dormant energy than universe begin to help from every corner. If one has dream and courage to change it in REALITY. That dream will be MATERIALIZE.Favourable conditions and patterns based mind never allow us to reveal the orgasming and revolutionary possibility of individuals. Enthusiam is the secret KEY.Nothing great in life has ever been achieved without enthusiasm.This is essential but not enough.In the begining without thinking about results ,just deposite your hard core super EFFORTS.Gradually , slow , steady but Continuous efforts .

The creater presented this beautiful world to human by putting all his passion and love.All the beauty and facilities of existance is produced to serve human.Human is superior creation of CREATER. Human blessed with super power of existance to and are allowed to discover all the mystry of Creation. Unfortunately human discover Distruction along with Innovation. Then we started loosing centring with core. One has to overcome all the fears.Fear of loosing. Fear of disappointment. Fear of all n everything.One has to be attain FEARLESSNESS. Ranngrez foundation is dedicated to bring new life, living in present with celebration and added colours of joy, peace, happiness, laughter, singing , dancing .

In order to achieve 100% result. We take seekrs through Sufi, yoga, tao , tantra, hypnosis , Nature Healing METHODS. All methods n Technique are powerful. Tried-Teated-Trusted.New age man is disturbed by negativity.Lots of negativity is in his mind.Rangrez wash out all negativity by powerful therapies n meditation techniques.Filling up man by passion of LOVE COLOURS.Bringing back Love in all relationship. Life becomes a party, music, dance, jubilation, celebration , fun, Festival.The Master Key to human beings is ready to welcome life in all shades n colours. Welcome for every day -every moment.Patitence is the mother of will , See nature is not in hurry yet everything is accomplished.

Emotional and Mental blockages stuck our path of progress in matarial and spiritual both life....Rangrez provides Emotional Freedom Techniques to make you fly in the sky.We are uprooted from our Hara and it's cause duality in our life , Rangrez gives you centring with being and Hara Center to be powerful with your Oneness. Understanding Of Body,Mind and Soul connection play important role to awareness about "Who you are " and why you are here.Forgiveness therapy extend your wings and open your doors to lead a life you want to live.Rangrez understands the practical problem when we deal with complications of Mind so all workshops designed more and more simplified way.

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  • Rangrez Jasn-E-Rang 27-March To 30-March-2021 in Rishikesh
  • Osho New Year Celebration Jaipur

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