About Us

About Rangrez Retreats

Rangrez Retreats is a Persian word which means dyer. In Sufi tradition, the follower is asked to be a God - loving person instead of God-fearing one. Rangrez describes to Rangreza means the one who fills with Color Rangrez is an invitation to merge within the colors of your soul and to express the colors of your heart which is never allowed to come outside. Rangrez provides freedom to love colors and break the patterns of mind to live beyond mind.When any color mix with another color it makes a new shade and all Rangrez soul are living on the level of heart by having oneness and acceptance of each other. Rangrez is the colorful expression of life and its possibilities. We as human beings have immense possibility to live in joy and divinity and enjoy the bliss of it.

Here in Rangrez with all Rangrezza’s you can feel this possibility within and carry within yourself a spark of it. This will be clearly visible to your near and dear ones as you start exploring your own possibilities with us.

Join with us and become real human being and make the world

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